Mary Engelking

President and CEO at Decipher Business Financials, and Mary Engelking & Company

Understand and Master Your Business Financials: Demystify, Analyze, Strategize — Consulting for CEOs and Small Business Owners

About Mary Engelking


We get it. You are crushing things at the operations end of your business. You have an amazing product and give great service. Your sales are strong and growing. But profits and cash flow are not going well … and it’s the last thing you want to deal with. Bean counting is the part of your business you like least.

Decipher helps you tackle your financials and drive the bottom line. We clarify with descriptions that make sense. We help you become the master of your numbers, and unlock the door to profits. We help you move beyond simply checking your bank account balance and into the potency of making numbers support the rest of the business.

Controlling financials means you can establish meaningful strategy, powerful plans, layout useful KPIs, set realistic budgets that actually enable growth, monitor critical issues in real time, and use data to adjust and pivot as needed.

Decipher can help you with one-off training programs, setting up cash flow analysis and tracking, identifying control processes and KPIs, budgeting, ongoing CFO services, and much more. Our collaboration is always in the strictest confidence.

Demystify, Analyze, Strategize – I’ve got your back with 25+ years of experience in finance, strategy, project management and systems.

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