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Itohan Ellis

Founder and CEO

StoryBrand Guide, Inbound Specialist, and HubSpot Solutions Partner.

About Itohan Ellis


Itohan has worked in various industries, ranging from fintech to construction, for over 21 years, gaining a wealth of experience in systems thinking, strategic thinking, people management, automation, quality assurance, and creative design – to name a few.

One constant throughout her career has been her ability to implement business practices with a people-centric focus. Itohan is passionate about advancing inbound methodologies by educating businesses on the power of clarity and simplification.

Itohan is the Founder & CEO of two businesses, the most recent being Message B4 Marketing, which pulls together clear messaging, simplified processes, and robust technology solutions to provide businesses with effective end-to-end strategies and tactics to achieve business goals. In addition to this, she is also passionate about mentoring and sharing her knowledge where she can.

When not working, Itohan is passionate about music, nature, and spending quality time with her two daughters.

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