Conrad Ruiz

Founder of Well Aware

I show the ambitious entrepreneur how to go about their day so they’re perfectly TUNED to the way their body is designed to perform. I dive right into their biology, and I show them how to make it work for them, with them.

About Conrad Ruiz



Hi my name is Conrad Ruiz, and I’m building Well Aware – a calendar-by-design database designed to collect and organize the data of your life from moment to moment in an effort to help you become more aware of how to improve.

At this time I’m performing a lot of customer development – given I’m looking to wedge my way into the digital calendar, note-taking, and journal tool space, I need to make sure what I build provides original value (thinking 0 to 1 here cc: Peter Thiel). If you’re someone who uses Google Calendar, Evernote, a digital journal app, or any other similar tools, I’d love to chat!

I’m also still taking on a few clients for 1-on-1 high performance time management coaching and organizational help. Keeps me on my feet and in touch with amazing people and their work. I guarantee you the utmost comprehensive analysis of your time and efforts in both your personal and professional space. Privacy, honesty, and results are the top principles of my work as a coach and businessman.

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