Israel Duran

Founder of Israel Duran and Associates

Helpin -purpose-driven entrepreneurs start and scale their business using 3 sample pillars.

About Israel Duran


Israel Duran is an author, speaker, entrepreneur, business strategist and Founder of Israel Duran and Associates, a global coaching and training company focused on helping purpose-driven entrepreneurs leverage their knowledge and expertise to create highly profitable businesses that impact individuals, businesses and the world.

General Rundown of Biggest/Most Recent Projects
– Sales development for purpose-driven businesses.
– Startup development and capital raise for startups.
– Marketing development for purpose-driven businesses.
– Operations optimization for purpose-driven businesses.
– Live events for entrepreneurs and aspiring entrepreneurs.

General Rundown/History of his Entrepreneurial Endeavors
Live events in 2020, to impact and serve more people. I desire to create a ripple effect of impact and greatness through service.

The “why” factor :
My why is greater then just me, I am about serving and impacting as many people as I can.

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