Oscar Chavez

David Singletary

Founder & CEO of DJS Digital

David Singletary boasts over 25 years in the technology industry. His specialties include automating and enhancing business efficiencies by implementing various technology solutions.

About David Singletary


David is a firm believer in equality and fairness for individuals and believes all businesses should have access to the latest technology.

David’s extensive experience in the software industry helps to relieve clients’ pain points. He takes great care in understanding a company’s operations to implement practical and efficient solutions.

David understands the energy required to manage a successful business, and that a lack of resources and time often leaves owners using outdated systems and unaware of which technology would best suit their company. David is determined to share his knowledge of technology with other hardworking individuals to optimize their processes with technology that adds value to their business. In doing so, companies gain a competitive edge. Automating systems with supportive technology relieves stress and reduces human error, while giving business owners more time to focus on their areas of expertise.

David has a BS in Accounting from Rutgers University, where he was also a varsity athlete. His determination and work ethic has served him well in his professional career.

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