Precious Williams

Killer Pitch Master and Author

Hello, my name is Precious L. Williams and I am the proud Founder and CEO of Perfect Pitches by Precious, LLC.

I train, teach and coach entrepreneurs, small businesses, and mid-sized to large corporations, how to create the perfect elevator, media, and/or investor pitches for their businesses so that their ideal target market are ready to buy now!

About Precious Williams


My company, Perfect Pitches by Precious, teaches the art and science of “killer” pitches and presentations that bring out your “WOW” Factor! If you currently struggle with your pitches, presentations and public speaking skills, have no fear, the “KillerPitchMaster is here to help!

Through my innovative speech communications strategies, my clients, as well as myself, have had explosive sales, investments they never thought would pan out, and have successfully appeared on “Shark Tank, Forbes Magazine, CNN, WSJ, MSNBC and other top business shows and publications around the world.

Trust me, I can create noise and buzz for your brand, help you “slayallcompetition,” and make you to go to expert in your industry.

To learn more about Perfect Pitches by Precious, click on this link:

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