Bernard Keavy

Business Growth Mentor

Showing consultants & advisers how to double your leads, triple your conversions, build a 7 figure business you can sell.

About Bernard Keavy


Bernard Keavy is a Business Growth Mentor, Chartered Financial Planner, Sales & Marketing Senior Roles with Clerical Medical Investment Group Ltd. Prior to that, trained in Accountancy and spent several years in Higher education colleges as a Senior Lecturer in Business, Finance, Marketing and Management.

Business Growth Mentor specialising with consultants, coaches and advisors.
Also, I train Chartered Financial Advisors to pass their highest level technical exams in Taxation, Investment and Pensions.

I have run my own successful business coaching and consultancy business for the last 10 years. I specialise in coaching small business owners and entrepreneurs to grow their business.
I focus on bottom line profit growth. Prior to that I won several sales accolade prizes while a top sales person at Clerical Medical Investment Group and then was appointed to their senior marketing team responsible for developing and selling their range of pension products.

I’m excited by new knowledge and insights. I love explaining difficult concepts and making them simple to implement. I strongly believe that many business owners don’t know what they don’t know. This is one of the major obstacles which stops them taking action to grow their business.
They are often overwhelmed by the range of conflicting advice they receive.

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