Lisa Harris

Affiliate Marketing Specialist

Professional Actor, Streaming TV Talk Show Host, Affiliate Marketer, Referral Partner, MS & Medical Cannabis Advocate.

Lisa is a career Entertainment Media and marketing professional who grew up in the New York tri-state medical community.

About Lisa Harris


I’m Lisa Harris, a career entertainment and marketing professional from New York with a bachelor’s degree in Mass Media Arts from Hampton University. I currently focus on TV & film production, and affiliate marketing (since 2015). I choose affiliate partners who offer the highest quality green and (whenever possible) hypoallergenic household consumer products at competitive prices. My principal corporate partner is a well-established U.S. manufacturer and direct seller that offers the most generous revenue sharing program in the industry to its 1 million+ customers around the world.

As of July 2019 I am the writer, executive producer and host of “Health & Wealth with Lisa Harris,” a streaming TV show designed to educate viewers on a variety of medical and wellness topics, primarily in an interview-style format. The show is equally designed to promote entrepreneurs and small business owners looking to expand their marketing reach on a large scale through joint venture collaborations and referral partnerships with my brand. We tape in a state-of-the-art television studio in midtown Manhattan, New York. Guests who are located out of NYC or the USA can appear via Zoom. The program is set to air on multiple internet platforms as of the spring of 2020.

Another recent project involves publishing a new blog which serves as an extension of “Health & Wealth with Lisa Harris”. It’s an excellent family resource for learning about various health topics of interest and finding hundreds of product recommendations. The blog is live as from April 2020. Guest bloggers welcome!

As an active networker and connector, I always strive to collaborate with and support both new and seasoned entrepreneurs. Becoming financially successful is not easy! However, forming meaningful collaborative partnerships with professionals of like mind for mutual support makes it easier to believe in yourself and actualize your business goals. My ultimate entrepreneurial goal in year 2020 is to earn 6 figures in passive income and help at least 10 people do the same.

I am just one of countless entrepreneurs and aspiring entrepreneurs living with at one or more chronic medical conditions. My dad was a neurologist and internist. I happen to be a long-term healthy MS patient with other chronic illnesses including severe multiple allergies. Many chronic diseases are caused by long-term exposure to the hazardous chemicals we breathe inside our homes every day. By teaching as many individuals and families as possible to “go green,” I am doing my small part to help the planet stay healthy and cancer-free. I live a toxin-free, hypoallergenic lifestyle and have not had an MS flare-up since 2005. I have not had a cold or flu since 2003.

My 97-year-old mom as of March 2020 (a retired medical professional) is proud of my desire to help people become healthier physically, emotionally and financially. I am sure my dad would also be proud of my contribution to the health & wellness industry.

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