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We know stories are eternal and we believe your legacy can only live through the stories you decide to share. This is why we give you the opportunity to share your stories with other entrepreneurs around the globe, without worrying about them getting archived after a few months.




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The average sponsored post in top publications can cost as high as $10,000.
You should also know that with these publications, your story will last for a pre-defined period of time (30 days to a few months maximum).
And after this… they move your story to an archived section or a less prominent section to make space for other entrepreneurs.
Sad… right?
We know how this feels and this is why at Eprenz, your story stays forever.
No archived sections.
No one burying your story in irrelevant sections due to “algorithm tweaks”.
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Share your learning and experience as an entrepreneur, coach, consultant to our community of 100,000+


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Create thought leadership for your own in your domain and industry


Showcase your products and/or services subtly in a ‘non-marketing’ way


Stand out in the rat race of social media. Get exposure that doesn’t fade away



Show how you are making a meaningful difference for the world at large.

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☑️ An opportunity to increase your reach to a global audience (like 50+ entrepreneurs & businesses have with Eprenz).

☑️ A chance to share your story with all of its unique challenges, detours, and successes.

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