Precious L. Williams

Proud Founder and CEO of Perfect Pitches by Precious, LLC.

Fortune 500 companies, successful service based entrepreneurs and speakers hire me to #slayallcompetition through my powerful pitch, communication skills, and speaker training services.

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Art of pitches

My company, Perfect Pitches by Precious, teaches the art and science of “killer” pitches and presentations that bring out your “WOW” Factor! If you currently struggle with your pitches, presentations, and/or public speaking skills, have no fear, the “KillerPitchMaster is here!

Past prestige

Through our innovative speech communications strategies, my clients, as well as myself, have had explosive sales, investments they never thought would pan out, and have successfully appeared on “Shark Tank, Forbes Magazine, CNN, Wall Street Journal, MSNBC and other top business shows and publications around the world.

Time to explode your business

To see how I can help you explode your business with sales, growth and establishing you as the expert in your industry, please schedule time on my eprenz calendar so that we can begin working together! I see you! Let’s get to work!

What people say about Eprenz Mentor Precious

Black Women For Black Excellence hosted our first summit Oct 10 and invited Precious Williams as a speaker. Let’s just say, she brought an energy and freshness that left a powerful and empowering energy with the entire group! She spoke on what she knows best, power of pitching and there was no doubt in my mind…She IS the Killer Pitch Master. We (Black Women for Black Excellence) highly recommend hearing what she has to say. Precious could pitch me into buying a pen. I am glad we made the connection and will keep following her throughout her next endeavors. – From both Shayla &Shirlette (Black Women for Black Excellence)
Shayla Gibson

Entrepreneur. CFO and Co-founder of Black Women for Black Excellence. October 15, 2020, Shayla worked with Precious L. Williams but at different companies

I’m not sure how to start this recommendation other than to say that Precious is the bomb, y’all. Working with her was like hanging with an old friend, except that friend is a PITCH MASTER who helps you–a public speaking averse individual–make it to the finals of your very FIRST pitch competition. Her coaching style is intense, knowledge-filled, and caring with a huge dose of humor. Working with her gave me the tools and motivation I needed to confront one of my biggest fears, and I look forward to working with her again!
Gwendolyn Valerius

October 27, 2020, Gwendolyn was a client of Precious L. Williams’

I met Precious through a networking group and utilized her “Killer Pitch” services. What a great decision! I am a voice-over talent ( and it is not something that is normally advertised. When you talk, that is your marketing tool. However, Precious was able to help me use the right words through my voice to peek potential clients interest and contract me to be the voice of their product, service, company, brand ambassador and/or be their spokesperson. She made the pitch jump out with just the right “flavor” to ensure a client not only likes my voice but wants me to be “their” voice. I would recommend her to help you with your pitch too! Thank you Precious….you ARE the Pitch Master!
Jan Peters

President/CEO at J Peters Management LLC September 20, 2020, Jan was a client of Precious L. Williams’

How Do You Speak With Your Prospects?

Every time you open your mouth, your prospects will be throwing money at you.
Want to learn the six simple steps to wowing your audience with a perfect pitch?
Afterwards, schedule some time on my eprenz calendar so that we can start working together! I look forward to exploding your sales and entrepreneurial growth!
I train, teach and coach entrepreneurs, small businesses, and mid-sized to large corporations, how to create the perfect elevator, media, and/or investor pitches for their businesses so that their ideal target market are ready to buy now!


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