Moeed Amin

Involved at the highest level of B2B sales for almost 20 years. My track record is helping companies grow struggling or new businesses and turning their sales around within 12 months.

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Moeed Amin

Involved at the highest level of B2B sales for almost 20 years. My track record is helping companies grow struggling or new businesses and turning their sales around within 12 months.

Ready? Make sure you have a paper and pen for this.

Before I share my story, I’m going to give you a best practice set of questions to assess how strong your sales process is and how exposed your business might be.


1. How much sales do you want to make by the end of your current year’s fiscal period.

2. How much have you made so far?

3. Subtract the difference and make a note of that number.

4. What is your Average Order Value (AOV)?

5. What is your conversion rate (in percentages) i.e. from Initial Sales Engagement to making a sale?

6. Now, divide the number from question 3 by the number you have from question 4.

7. Your answer is how many deals at your AOV that you need to make in your current fiscal period.

8. Finally, divide your number from question 7 into the percentage from question 5.

9. This number tells you how many Initial Sales Engagements you must make in order to reach your target.

10. Finally, what is the average length of your sales cycle?

Congratulations, you have now completed one of the simplest and most effective sales planning processes. These sets of numbers give you clarity into your reality and the work you need to do to achieve your sales goals. From this data you can now make a whole host of decisions about how to improve your sales effectiveness: from training, to hiring, to investments, and even product & service development.

Moeed and Proverbial Door came to assist us in a time of change- when some of our team members were just moving into sales. He first coached our head of Operations and followed on with training with the team. To say that Moeed is a sales trainer is to sell him short. From neuroscience, to psychology and empath, Moeed brings it all to the table when it comes to delivering. He thinks about the execution so his trainings encompass mindset shifts, technique, practice – the whole thing is completely holistic. A dollar spent at Proverbial Door is a dollar well spent. We’re already seeing major ROI from working with Moeed.”

Alexandra Isenegger CEO & Co-Founder, LinkGroup


Typically, my growth rate has been 30%-40% YoY growth, with some small companies growing over 300%. I specialise in sales to C-level executives and have experience selling and coaching sellers to win contracts in over 10 industries across the USA, Europe, Middle East and Africa. I was also mentored by a top 10 global sales author of the Challenger Sale series.
I founded Proverbial Door to help entrepreneurs do 2 things:

Scale their business to $50m+ by helping them create a high-performing sales function

Train sellers to become high-performers by consistently achieving over 120% of their quota.


My methods are not just based on my experience, but on research and interviews with hundreds of sellers across multiple industries and product types. We have gathered these insights to form Best Practices, so our advice is based on scientific approaches and analysis.

In addition, I am the only sales expert in the world (that I know of) who has both a Neuroscience degree and decades of sales experience. Our training programs incorporate the science of influence, persuasion, and buying. We will teach you about your own psychology (as a seller) and about the psychology of your buyer’s behaviour. You will learn the science and research behind HOW and WHY they make decisions so you can optimise your sales process and win more deals.

I approached Moeed with a view to get his assistance in focusing my mindset and scaling my business. I know from experience in the last recession that it’s the perfect time to cement one’s business and grow it. Strong businesses prosper during recessions.

Moeed initially provided me with powerful mindset control tools to help keep me focused and the anxiety under control. His mentorship helped me overcome various challenges during the course of the pandemic and then turn them into wins which motivated and pushed my achievements further.

I valued his insight into the emotions behind business decisions, not only those of my clients but my own too. How to understand them and use them to help influence clients and business partners alike. Motivate and challenge my team. Empower them during this period to grow the company and work together to achieve their goals.

I have seen a 45% increase in sales since I have started working with Moeed. We have been chosen as the Exclusive Laundry partner for London’s newest skyscraper 22 Bishopsgate, only the Shard is taller. We have extended our work with existing clients and penetrated their business further

Mooed also provided unexpected support during a breakdown with a co-founder for a new venture in the USA. Allowed me to see the emotions behind the decisions the business partner was making and how best to react to them. Leading me to making the right decisions and moving forward.

I would highly recommend Moeed and have done so with a couple of my key contacts. Moeed experience, charisma and powerful effective sales techniques is the perfect partner to help you grow your business in these challenging times.

Gabriel Terranova CEO & Founder, Freshkit London

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