Wondering what Business Model is Best for your venture?

• Identify your existing model

Quickly identify whether you have a viable business model (or whether your model was doomed to fail from the very beginning).

• Compare to refine

Compare and contrast your model with the rest of the your industry (identify if your revenue model is right, or modelled to get the type of clients you want)

• Identify your sales funnel

Identify if your sales funnel is the best one for your industry (not all funnels work with all model and industry, i.e. some funnels works great with social media, others with referrals etc…)

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Who is Joseph and The Business Model Coach?

Make your dream come true

Joseph’s mission is to fulfill Business Owners’ dreams, build unique business models, solid revenue streams and provide growth, to empower all those on a mission – to create a lasting contribution.

Past prosperity

The Business Model Coach has helped multiple companies to build great businesses.


Runs a podcast

Joseph runs a podcast and show named “Business in 90 seconds” an informative show on how to make Dramatic Business Transformations.

What others are talking about Eprenz Mentor Joseph

All what I had was a training module, not sure how to market it, the terms business model or value proposition was new, during workshop, I understood the role of business canvases and how it helps to design a great business, now I know how to sell my services with confidence.

Pablo Quinenoz CEO Sustenable solutions Inc, Canada

I never understood the concept of business model before to the workshop, after attending myself and my team had a real clarity in our go to market strategy of our product, now we have a one page canvas to look and fine tune our strategy

Dilip Ramachandran CEO ZoftSolutions Pvt Ltd

The most valuable tool I have taken to assess the vulnerabilities of my business and how to fix them

Srivastava Sinha, CEO BlueCollar