Gaurav Sharma

Business Strategist, Entrepreneur, Mentor

I help entrepreneurs sculpt and create their business strategies that allows them to channelize product/business ideas with a professional stance. I teach them to look at management in a reflexively smart way. And my mission is to make a meaningful difference to 100,000 entrepreneurs globally with eprenz.

Do you want to be an empowered leader?

Here’s what you need in order to be one:


Mature decision-making skills

At times, you have to come up with the best decisions in no time.


Realize your venture’s mission and vision

Know your mission and vision to communicate the value effectively.


Seasoned skill in product management

Convey the product in a systematic way to satisfy your venture’s mission.


Let’s work together

Achieve all these and other complexities with my veteran mentorship.
So, what’s your decision?


Thinking reflexively of procedures

Creating an initial rough procedure in any situation reflexively should be a habit.

Words about Gaurav

Smart strategy matters

A unique idea/product may remain chaotic in the absence of a streamlined strategy. I coach entrepreneurs to think strategically in any situation for professional progress.
With defining your company vision and mission, empowering you with leadership skills, product management, and more, you will create scalable results.

Experience and exposure

I started my venture Nearyou Technology in 2012 after a career as a Consultant at Capgemini. Each exposure led me to refine my skills in identifying target market, business strategies, sales, vendor and team management, and business development.

Current culture with India’s best college startups

I’m, currently, mentoring startups stemming from India’s topmost college, Indian Institute of Technology (IIT) Bombay. I’m actively coaching the youth with a systematic approach on how to start and run a venture, raise funds, with unique complexities.

Time to change your game plan

I will work with you to help you transform your business game plan. Together, we can make the most of your business’ true potential. So, let’s get started.

Now it’s up to you to take action:

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If on our first call which will be a deep planning and strategy session, if you feel that you need other kinds of solutions, or we feel that we can’t effectively work together you can rest assured that you’ll receive a 100% refund.