Thousands of entrepreneurs start new businesses each year

Many business statistics show that by the end of four years, over half of these businesses will be gone. The few entrepreneurs who stay in business will experience major struggles, overwhelm, and dissatisfaction.

Thousands of entrepreneurs start new businesses each year

Many business statistics show that by the end of four years, over half of these businesses will be gone. The few entrepreneurs who stay in business will experience major struggles, overwhelm, and dissatisfaction.

Why is this?

Predominantly, it’s because the people going into business don’t know that what makes a business both successful and enjoyable to run is the overlap of these three factors:


The business owner/entrepreneur doesn’t have a level of consistent enthusiasm and passion that they can sustain even when times are tough.


They don’t ensure that the business is focused on solving problems that consumers, individuals, or other companies face.


They don’t do the required research to ensure that there are people out there willing and able to pay to receive the product/solution that they offer.

The biggest mistake most entrepreneurs make:

Most entrepreneurs come up with an idea, start it with lots of motivation only to find that the idea is simply not profitable either because their market is saturated or because they can’t make themselves stand out above the competition. They then hit the number one reason as to why most businesses fail and that is, a lack of market demand.

What is the Solution?

First do the inner work to define what pursuit makes you wake every day feeling inspired and willing to take bold action no matter what the economy throws at you! Then, find the problems that your pursuit of passion can solve while ensuring that doing so is substantially profitable. Get these three factors right and you’ll start to succeed in extraordinary ways.

How am I able to present such bold information?

Because I’ve now used my transformational coaching skills to coach over 1000 ambitious individuals and have enabled many of them to create results they never imagined possible.

I was working too many hours and not having enough time nor the capacity to create the life that I wanted.
As a result of Dan’s coaching I’ve earned nearly 50,000 dollars in less than a month. In the short time that I’ve had the pleasure of being coached by Dan, I gained the confidence to live the life that I have always dreamed of.

Dan Kayser (Fitness & Biomechanics)

I completed one of Dan’s programs and today I am a fully functioning miracle coach. I now have paying clients that I love working with. I am working in a way that makes my heart sing and that makes me feel joyful every day of my life.

Liz Davies (Miracle Coach)

Within only 6 weeks of working with Dan, I’ve learned all the Facebook strategies I need, set up my coaching business, landed my first £5,000 client and ended up being featured in Forbes magazine.
I have worked with some top coaches over the years – but Dan tops them all. His integrity, clarity, kind and supportive (but no-nonsense taking) manner and masses of experience make him second-to-none.

Elaine Harrison (Authors' Coach)

What I can enable you to break free of

Being in a tiring work-routine.

Feeling undervalued.

Having to do work you don’t enjoy.

Feeling lost or bored.

Break free of playing small and facing a regrettable future.

What I am able to help you achieve

Master high levels of confidence in your own abilities and in selling yourself.

Define and pursue a purpose that leaves you feeling inspired every day.

Create a business that impacts the lives of others and the world in a great way.

Ensure that you create a business that’s both sustainable and highly profitable.

Create a business that supports you to build and live your dream lifestyle, for real.

How will I do this?

Step 1:

First we’ll define what has been causing you to continually create the same results (or lack of them) and not be able to achieve more.

Step 2:

We’ll define the thought patterns and behavior that have been holding you back from operating effectively.

Step 3:

I’ll guide you to become so aware of those illusions that have held you back that you’ll break free of them.

Step 4:

I’ll show you how to create new ways of viewing yourself and the world so that you become highly inspired by your abilities.

Step 5:

I’ll guide you to become clear of the future you’d love to create and live.

Step 6:

I’ll take you through the Trifactor Formula and ensure that you have a solid foundation to build on.

Step 7:

We’ll come up with a future focused plan and break down your dream future into manageable daily action steps.

Step 8:

Over the course of your program, I’ll guide you to stay focused on the actions that matter the most.

Step 9:

We’ll celebrate your great achievements together!

My mentorship program is perfect for you if:

  • You feel stuck and don’t know how to move forwards.
  • You have tried several business ideas but none have been particularly successful.
  • You are trying to grow a currently struggling or a not-so-successful business.
  • You’ve had success in the past but have hit a phase of dissatisfaction.
  • You feel lost, bored and don’t what to invest your energy into next.


If on our first call, which will be a deep planning and strategy session, if you feel that you need other kinds of solutions, or we feel that we can’t effectively work together, be assured that you’ll receive a 100% refund.


Now it’s up to you to take action:

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