So you wanna start a startup ?

Founders Academy Essentials is a 4-day lunch-n-learn curriculum designed specifically for driven entrepreneurs that are passionate about their business potential.

Founders Academy Essentials

Learn from Gordon Daugherty. Over the 15 years that he has been advising tech startups, he has seen more than 1,000 pitches, given personal advice to more than 200 entrepreneurs and been involved with raising more than $45M of private and venture capital. The most fundamental of tips and techniques he has developed are now available in this “Essentials” video series.

Startup Success: Funding the Early Stages of Your Venture

Daugherty’s book serves as a valuable educational and planning tool for use before the fundraising campaign begins and a reference guide for interacting and negotiating with investors after things get underway. 

Startup Success is written in a logical sequence that follows the general life cycle of planning and executing a successful fundraising campaign. Actionable tips, tricks, and aha realizations will have readers dog-earing pages and highlighting passages for future reference. The author’s own words tell it all: “I decided to write something different that best exploits the gray in my hair and the hard lessons I’ve learned.”

Any startup founder, advisor, or angel investor—regardless of their experience level—will come away with improved skills and an increased knowledge base.