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You are an entrepreneur because you have passion, and when you have passion for something, you go on creating values.


Entrepreneur-ism is the key to correcting the wrong which is present in our society, it is the pathway towards equity, creating economics around ourselves, and helping each other accomplish their dreams.


Your passion is the magnet that attracts the market, which then gives you the opportunity to find people to help you grow your business.


In every entrepreneur’s life there comes a point where you see that your money is being burnt but the outcome, the numbers you’re getting doesn’t make any sense and then comes the entrepreneur’s remorse or the entrepreneur’s stress.


If you are an entrepreneur, who is going through entrepreneur’s stress, then you just need to do these things :

  • It’s very necessary to unpack your mind, to take down all your thoughts and ideas.

  • When you have your set of ideas, then invest your time in organizing them, so that you know what to attack first and what can wait.

Now it’s time for you to execute. Once you know about your priorities, then you just have to get it done.

Ajay Patel

Ajay Patel

Helping companies get their goals organized, prioritized, planned and executed

Ajay Patel is extremely passionate about helping people and Get Stuff Done. He has an extensive track record in helping companies get their goals organized, prioritized, planned, and executed. He is all about action and results. This stems from his track record as an internal management consultant for a Private Equity in a $1 Billion Energy startup.

He wants to take this invaluable experience and share it with the small business community. That is why he started PEXA and that is why he is a Fractional Opportunity Officer.

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