How to use revenue models to win ‘A’ clients

Revenue models are a way to measure and analyze the success of your business. Learn more about how they work in this conference!

6 reasons why models make winning ‘A’ clients easier

Models provide a tangible ‘Approach Offer’: When the clients are in doubt even with all your experience, how are you going to help them in their business. 
(Something of value before sales discovery – works ‘Cold’ or by Referral). 

Models quantify the growth potential (Making it easier to qualify for sales/fee potential).


Models encourage collaboration. (Reduces proposal interference): It reduces the chance of business owners getting diverted by proposals from accountants.


Models are visible evidence that you understand their Industry Specific Issues.
(Achieving Status Position). It helps clients discover themselves and helps them to get on the same page as you.


Models enable alignment, quantify expectations and drive data confirmation. (shifting the “burden proof” in your sales process).


Advisor-e hosted models make it easier to give and receive referrals. (Trust, Confidence, Understanding and Common Objectives – 4 most important aspects of a business relationship).

What makes a great model?

1.The model must be in their language and variables related to logistics/ activity /decision points.

2.Formulas solve the complex math and maintain IP ‘mystery’.

3.Must invite ‘discovery’.


Models ‘Translate’ Financial Reports Into ‘Real-World’ Actions/Decisions For Business Owners.

Time to start using Models now. Once, the value is understood, you can cakewalk to get ‘A’ clients.

Mike Barnes

Mike Barnes

Founder at Advisor-e Ltd

After consulting business owners in a wide variety of industries like Architects / Bee Keeper / Spinal Surgeon / Car Importer / Geo-Technical Engineers / Construction / Freight Transport / Gym owners – and the list goes on, Mike Barnes became focused on coaching accountants to deliver business advisory services.

He has been almost exclusive with accountants since 2000 but for the last 4 years he has been working with a group of accountants to develop a software platform that makes winning business clients and delivering predictable outcomes much, much easier. This software platform (although mostly used by accountants) is now available to business coaches who want to take their coaching practice to the highest level.

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