How to Start a Scalable Consulting Practice with Minimal Capital

More people who are entrepreneurs, professionals, experts, or coaches- need to consider helping lives and saving businesses with their years-long expertise and skillsets. This Conference highlights the purpose behind starting a scalable consulting practice, how to get leads for your consulting business, how you can build a $250,000 coaching practice, and live the dream lifestyle.

The Driving Purpose behind Starting a Consulting Practice

In the Conference, Dr. Paul Inselman highlights the key reasons and the purpose within to start your own profitable coaching practice.

Help grow or save businesses and lives

Problems and struggles lie scattered around the world. So, today’s businesses have become more responsible towards their clients’ or customers’ problems. Especially with entrepreneurs and their aspirations to growing their businesses profitably.

Being a Consultant, you not only help businesses with making consistent profit, but also help other lives that are directly and indirectly tied to those businesses.

Make your own hours

Building a scalable consulting practice helps you make your own hours. But there are certain ways to achieve it as says Dr. Paul in the Conference.

Start your own business and become your own boss

Dr. Paul stresses the fact that when you work for someone, regardless of your position, you help make the owner rich with your expertise and skills.

Therefore, he emphasizes the power of starting your own consulting business that will not only help you achieve financial freedom but also help multiple people and businesses reach their goals.

Create or tighten financial security for yourself

In the long run, you will ultimately achieve financial security, work from anywhere, and live the ultimate entrepreneurial lifestyle while helping others and therefore multiple others connected to those businesses.

How to Get Leads for your Consulting Practice

Dr. Paul showcases the sales process steps involved in generating hot leads that convert to clients for your consulting practice.

→ Trigger intrigue in your audience.
→ Create high value for them.
→ Solve their problems.

Paul explains each point with relevant and strong narration that you can modify and implement effectively. You can watch the Conference hear the incidents he encountered to get leads. 

Another aspect that will help convert is writing a book that can have those leads into the sales funnel. You can download Paul’s book Business Strategies for Business Owners who have Limited Time and find answers in 45 minutes. As he mentions that, it’s three rounds of bathroom-read.

How to Keep Clients for the Long Term

Paul shares several instances where he converted new people into long-term clients and now, friends. The actions for keeping clients for the long term, so they come back to your coaching, are quite strategic.


Find out the problems they are facing, (e.g., lead generation, cost-cutting, conversion).


Create an action plan with accountability,


Measure the results,


Discover the next problem and repeat,


Give more value than they paid for.

Action plans need goal-setting. But dreams are sometimes mistakenly understood as goals. For eg, as Dr. Paul mentions that the following sentence isn’t a goal: “I want to lose weight”. It’s neither measurable nor timely. That’s why the concept of SMART goals made it more sensible and allowed any goal to be more likely to be achievable.

Along with these insights, Paul candidly shares some of the real-life incidents that not only involved how he converted leads to long-term clients but also the relationship that he maintained with them. Watch the full Conference to listen to his stories and find strategies that you could use for yourself as well.

Dr. Paul S. Inselman

Dr. Paul S. Inselman

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Dr. Paul S. Inselman, CEO of is considered to be the “business coaches coach”. For more than eighteen years, Paul has been helping small business owners and business coaches just like you achieve financial independence and the life of their dreams with programs that have worked for everyone who has followed it.

He is the author of Business Strategies for Business Owners who Have Limited Time; and, as the creator of the Inselman Profit Formula™, Paul teaches his clients a minimum of twenty innovative ways to generate more profit within sixty to ninety days.

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