How to Generate a 7 Figure Income

You should create a consistent stream of income for yourself and your family because it’s important, as Oscar Chavez says:

“One of the fundamental truths about business and life is that winter will come. We can’t live in a world where we think it’s always going to be summer. And in those winters sometimes we lose crops, and sometimes what we thought we were going to use to feed our family is no longer there.”

Be in the Right Room with the Right People

Oscar Chavez shows his mentors and his relationships with famous minds, and how they have nurtured him to become more successful.

Of the popular celebrities all around the world being acquainted to Oscar, a strategy of one of his mentors struck him. While, most business owners are doers and go-getters, David Leon is “paid to think”. His philosophy made a fundamental shift in Oscar’s mindset.

But, how do you become a thinker from a doer? By building systems. Oscar Chavez creates ridiculously simple sales systems that generate a consistent flow of income each month.

What systems do you need to grow your business?

$1 Million

(7-Figure Business)
Needs Working Sales Systems.

$100 Million

(9-Figure Business)
Needs Process Improvement Systems.

$10 Million

(8-Figure Business)
Needs Management Systems.

$1 Billion

Figure Business)
Acquisition and Integrated Systems.

A business is a profitable enterprise that scales without you.

Thought-out profitable systems in every part of your business, necessary, allows you to spend time making a much bigger and meaningful difference in the world.

“I want to make money while I sleep so that I can spend more time building charities and communities, making a significant difference to the world.” – Oscar Chavez.

Rapid Scale Formula

Most aspiring entrepreneurs first build a product and then proceed to sell it to its market. They think that the product would be cherished and build it with confidence only to find out none, in reality, need them.

→ Step 1: Sell the Idea.
→ Step 2: Build the Product.
→ Step 3: Satisfy the Clients.

The Formula to Create a Killer Mission Statement

You should successfully communicate your business purpose and hook your audience from the get-go. Some major ingredients to keep in mind while developing a mission statement are to be really specific, inspiring, and, intriguing.

Here’s a formula to create a killer mission statement for any business that Oscar suggests.

I help ⇾ [Target Market]
do ⇾ [Tangible Outcome]
by ⇾ [Unique Factor]

Now, even with the formula, the statements can still remain mundane. But there is a way to think how the new sentence can bring an “Aha moment”!

Watch the Conference where our members share their mission statements and Oscar takes it on to help them find a clearer one. Or, as he says, “a Bam statement!”

3 Really specific and simple ways to build your brand on LinkedIn

You should successfully communicate your business purpose and hook your audience from the get-go. Some major ingredients to keep in mind while developing a mission statement are to be really specific, inspiring, and, intriguing.

Develop a 3-word tagline for your business

Less is more. Especially when it comes to communication.

Pick your brand color code

A color code that represents a personality of your brand. It’s how you want them to know you.

About (Your origin story)

Oscar’s about section adheres to the psychology of readers and is crystal clear. He encourages you to follow his LinkedIn About copy line-by-line and replace areas to make it about you. With this template, your audience gains clarity and your LinkedIn profile remains optimized.

A Simple 4-Step Sales Process that generated $100k per month with no ad spend

Instead of filling your day, as an entrepreneur or CEO, with tedious tasks that are around $35 an hour, you create a system, implement it, get someone to manage the system, and you measure the results of the system.


Include a personal message

Write a personal message by making it about them. This way, ask them to book a meeting with you.


Allow setting business appointment

Provide the system link to allow them to book a meeting with you.


Conduct Oscar’s scripted sales conversation

When they show up, you can use Oscar’s sales conversation script to successfully close the deal at one go.


Sustained post-sales promise

Deliver the promise you made to them during the pre-sale.


Meet the prospects on virtual video-conferencing apps

Cut-out physical meeting if that’s an issue. The world is going remote. And so is their behavior! Hop on a video-conferencing app!

How to create follow-up scripts that convert: All the money is in the follow-up and follow-through

Without much ado, let’s fall into the follow-up script types.

Connection Script (wait 2 days) > Follow-up Script (Wait 7 days) > Your Deeply Personal Script (wait 7 days) > Send Lead Magnet

When you get to create a deeply personal script, you can mention your beliefs, your ideal customers, how you are driven personally, and the like. Oscar breaks it down for you so you can craft compelling follow-up scripts.

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What a Stress-Free Business Model looks like

Oscar Chavez

Oscar Chavez

Best Selling Author and Speaker

As a speaker, Oscar loves building brands and has spoken on the same stages as Nelson Mandela’s grandson, Ndaba Mandela, Apple Co-Founder, Steve Wozniak and Dr Phil. He is sought after for his knowledge and expertise on influence, sales, boardroom risk, marketing, cybersecurity and is a high-performance coach with his unique “SSP” framework – Strategy, Sales, Profit.

He has been trained in Speed Reading by Howard Berg (Guinness World Record Holder) so he reads a book per week to keep his mind sharp and out of his comfort zone. His dedication to growth mindset makes him a unique contributor to every organisation he works with.

In the media, Oscar has appeared on The Voice Australia, The Daily Telegraph, Huffington Post, San Fransisco Business Times along with many more radio, TV and magazine appearances.

As a mentor to 500 startups and 75,000 entrepreneurs all around the world, Oscar helps create a strategy for forward-thinking business owners to stay focused, generate more sales and build stronger relationships with their network.

Contact Information

You can reach out to Oscar Chavez using the following mediums.

Website : Oscar Chavez

Email : Here

Linkedin :

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