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Discover a major shift and create a transformational impact as the business leader of Tomorrow.

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Starting on July 15, 2021

15 July 2021 @ 11am EDT








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July 15, 2021 – 11am EDT

Meet Denise: Here’s who she is and what she learned

Denise’s internal conflict led to a lack of authenticity, both with herself and the people around her team.

The Transformed Leader: what’s required?

Great leaders spot the balance between business foresight and character. But they need the fuel and learning to continue to better their approach from a leadership coach who has been there, done that.

Hear from Coach and Speaker Mary Jane who will talk about what’s required to become a Transformed Leader.

The Promise of Leadership: People's Implicit Expectations

Learn the implicit expectations that people expect of their leader and the promises they wish their leader keep.

Your Major Shift to Become a Transformed Leader

Discover the Major Shift that made Dennise realize the internal communication with herself and the exchange with her surroundings.

Creating a Transformational Company with High-Performing Teams

Authenticity with yourself and with the external environment creates a unique ambiance of trust in the workplace. Giving way to create high-performing teams.

7 Steps to avoid burnout and boost work productivity

If you blur the line between business and life, it might turn out to be counterproductive. In the worst case, it can affect your financial performance and cause life and business-changing burnout.

Speaker, Coach, and Creator of the “Life Work Effect” Daryl Woodhouse will show you how to live a happier life-work balance whilst simultaneously improving your financial success as an entrepreneur.

The "Life-Work Effect"

Learn how the four pillars of the Life Work Effect create transformational results towards a happier lifestyle and accelerated business results.

Time management and priorities

Discover how you can easily achieve more, in less time, and enjoy the results of productivity mastery.

7 steps to avoid burnout

Hear about the 7 of Daryl’s key steps to reduce stress, avoid burnout, and boost work productivity. These steps are helping 1000s of business leaders to boost performance results and free up time for the lifestyle that they desire.


Our partners and successful speakers can help you to take your leadership skills to the next level and guide you on how to become a true leader during the conference.

Mary Jane Mapes

Mary Jane Mapes

I Develop Courageously Authentic Leaders Who Create a Culture of Fearless Participation.

In the mid-1980’s, a major economic downturn closed Mary Jane’s family business. As a result, this young stay-at-home mom, at the time, became a self-employed entrepreneur selling training and coaching services to health care organizations, Fortune 500 companies and businesses large and small – and, in the process, discovered her true passion.

A leader by nature, she trained and honed her skills and shared this expertise with leadership teams of some of the world’s largest companies, such as Roche, Phillips 66, Avon Products Inc., and Farmers Insurance. As an executive coach, speech coach, international keynote speaker, business consultant and #1 best-selling author, Mary Jane has helped thousands of people melt walls of isolation, develop courageous authenticity, build winning teams, get promoted to the highest levels, receive large pay-increases, and sell multi-million-dollar projects.

As founder and president of the Aligned Leader Institute, Mary Jane is a thought leader, executive coach, and creator of IGNITE – Next Level Leadership for those who desire to create a culture of fearless participation. Being the mentor and coach she wished she’d have had is the source of her inspiration and commitment to you.

Please help me welcome wife, mother, and poor piano player, CSP, Mary Jane Mapes.

Daryl Woodhouse

Daryl Woodhouse

Award-winning expert in growth, strategy & burnout | CEO | Speaker | Entrepreneur | Executive Coach

Daryl Woodhouse is fast establishing himself as a global authority on remote work productivity mastery and life work balance. With his game-changing transformation programmes, and highly rated post COVID innovation mobile app, he is on a personal mission to enable millions of hard working employees and entrepreneurs to live happier and avoid burnout, whilst achieving more at work through the four pillars of the Life Work Effect©: productivity mastery, strategy & planning, life work balance, and wellbeing.

Daryl beams about being a lucky husband, proud 4 x father, professional speaker, scale up entrepreneur & executive performance coach. With 20+ awards, his own 7-figure business success, prior Top 10 FTSE leadership career, & 1st-hand experience of burnout, he knows alot about the need to juggle work success, and life-work balance.

He loves helping kind, heart-centred people who realize there’s more to life than business, but who want to do business well.

Daryl says “From experience, I know that a healthy life-work balance isn’t just good for your wellbeing: it has a profound impact on business success. You can blend improved lifestyle habits with my business strategy and productivity mastery, to increase work success, happiness + reduce stress. Let’s connect and talk while we have the opportunity now”.

What our last Conference had our Audience say!

It’s an awesome experience to be here.

Joseph Adeleke

“Ghrelin for leadership” – love it!!

Itohan Ellis

This is brilliant! Would love to discuss further.


Good point talk about misalignment.

Eric Jacobs

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