Build the right service with right Technology

This webinar will guide individuals and small companies to understand the processes needed to complete their first IT project successfully. It will provide a step by step guidance from the starting of the project until its completion.

Event Details

In this webinar, you’ll learn how to think about your business requirements and choosing the right technologies that fits your needs.


Event Date :
01 September 2019

Event Time :
10am EDT / 7.30pm IST

Event Duration :
60 Minutes.


Many individuals and small businesses face issues when they start their first project. These issues usually cost them a lot of money, efforts, and time. The main reason behind these issues is the lack of knowledge in the IT world. Some people find it difficult to get the right people to develop their service while others thinks that selecting a language or framework for the project is an easy task. For sure, not every person is the right person and not all frameworks and languages can be suitable for your needs. This webinar will help you to choose the right technology to use for your ideas which is a very important stage in the development of the project based on some factors. We will also provide some information to help choosing the right person/team to work with to achieve perfection on your project. Last, we will provide some information about time management and some of the best programming practices in the industry.


In this webinar, we’ve teamed up with an industry expert to share their strategies and the proven system for success.

Morhaf Shamia

Morhaf Shamia

Tech Entrepreneur

Morhaf is a software developer and team leader experienced in web and backend development, leadership and strategic planning. He is a founder of INMOGR and is a co-founder of Qaf.

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David Wagstaff

David Wagstaff

Founders and CEO of Eprenz

Three successful start-ups and two intrapreneurship ventures in past 20 years. Excited by vision of making a meaningful positive impact for Entrepreneurs.

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