Stress, the silent killer of our happiness

An online webinar to discuss why and how stress is the silent killer of our happiness & how to help manage it and prevent it from taking over.

Event Details

In this webinar, you’ll learn how to manage your stress and live a stress free happy life.

Event Date :
23 September 2020

Event Time :
10am EDT / 7.30pm IST

Event Duration :
60 Minutes.


30 Minute Talk:
– Alice’s own story around stress
– Why stress is the silent killer- how it effects our mind and body
– The common misconceptions when it comes to how stress effects us today
– Why preventing it is as important as curing it
– Why your internal conversation is the most important one you will ever have
– The two part theory to effectively managing and preventing stress

15 Minutes Tools
– 2 Simple Tools explained to take away for preventing & managing stress/anxiety
– A morning mindset routine to prevent stress

15 Minutes Q&A


In this webinar, we’ve teamed up with an industry expert to share their strategies and the proven system for success.

Alice Law

Alice Law

Founder of Lawali Life

Alice is a Stress Management & Holistic Performance Coach, 5 Star Rated Podcaster, International Speaker, Reiki & Intuitive Expert and Founder of Lawali Life.

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David Wagstaff

David Wagstaff

Founders and CEO of Eprenz

Three successful start-ups and two intrapreneurship ventures in past 20 years. Excited by vision of making a meaningful positive impact for Entrepreneurs.

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