Social Impact Conference

Ways your business can make a global social impact

Get ready for a mindset shift. Start small to bring a global change. Social impact comes out of our compassion towards the people and the world around us. Everything and everyone is connected. Changes at a global level start at the micro-level, i.e., in the small decisions we make in our waking hours, the small acts of kindness, the love for our community.

Starting on May 20th @ 11am EDT








Event Date

Starting on May 20, 2021

Event Time

May 20, 2021 – 11am EDT

Life’s most persistent and urgent question is, “What are you doing for others?”

Martin Luther King Jr

Prioritize your team’s health.
Witness the surge in productivity.

Your team is the immediate community whose lives you, as a leader, can impact positively at the earliest.

Take the smallest action to push your team to take the steps that would better their health.

What you will learn

Help the team bring motivation from within

Inspire your team to pay heed to health, so they can welcome a sense of motivation from within.

A positive change in productivity satisfies employees

Your team would feel satisfied after channelizing their efforts optimally.

Create an amazing working atmosphere

Satisfied minds can create an energetic working ambiance.

The earth is a fine place and worth fighting for.

Ernest Hemingway

Go eco-friendly in your venture.
Restore the lost balance in the world.

Let’s prioritize sanitation as it’s needed more now than ever before. And keep it likewise with a far-sighted vision to better the earth’s health.

One small change can influence neighboring communities to incorporate such compassionate practices to better the world.

Green business is not about tie-dyed T-shirts. It’s about transforming the industrial system itself into one that looks at all the connections.

Paul Hawken


Our partners and successful speakers can help you to take your leadership skills to the next level and guide you on how to become a true leader during the conference.

Anthony Ferguson

Anthony Ferguson

Founder and CEO of The LYC Products Company

Anthony Ferguson is the Founder and CEO of The LYC Products Company and the creator of the social impact wellness community The LYC Pledge. Anthony has practiced law for over 30 years and is an experienced entrepreneur including being part of two other tech startups.

Mr. Ferguson has spent his life motivating others to be their best selves and helping others build a community and believes that vibrant communities are critical to maintaining thriving businesses.

Dillon Baxter

Dillon Baxter

Co-Founder and CEO of PlantSwitch

Dillon is the Co-Founder and CEO of PlantSwitch, a company specializing in providing the highest quality, most eco-friendly plant-based alternatives to plastic in the food packaging space. PlantSwitch aims to help solve the plastic waste crisis by replacing single-use plastic items with fully plant-based alternatives that will degrade in natural environments.

Coming from an investment banking background, Dillon has since dedicated his life to helping businesses make more sustainable choices. His mission is to see the mass adoption of biopolymer plastic replacements and the global development of sustainable infrastructure.

Dr. Cindy J. Lin

Dr. Cindy J. Lin

Co-founder and CEO of Hey Social Good

Dr. Cindy J Lin is the co-founder and CEO of Hey Social Good, a social impact tech company working to capture multi-disciplinary data and use deep learning analytics to provide affordable and easy-to-understand social impact metrics. We assess and award medal rankings to businesses who give back and adopt sustainable practices. We’re building a social good insight business platform to make it easier and faster for businesses to track and improve their social impact footprint on people, community, and planet.

Dr. Cindy J. Lin previously worked at the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency, where she spent near 20 years engaged in international and national water protection projects, water quality standards’ development, polluted waters regulation, air, and water quality policy, and sweeping environmental policy changes.

Some Highlights

  • US Regional Expert on the Clean Water Act
  • Expert Scientist on the U.S. Applied Climate Change National Work Group
  • Water Adviser at the U.S. Embassy, Beijing, China w/US State Department.
  • US EPA’s Top Science and Policy Advisor on the US-China Team
  • Research on the cutting-edge investigation into the water & air pollution.

She received her doctorate in Environmental Science and Engineering, MS in Environmental Chemistry, and BS in Biology, all from the University of California, Los Angeles.

Social Impact Conference

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May 20, 2021 @ 8.00am PDT | 11.00am EDT | 4.00pm BST | 8.30pm IST

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