ClubConnect : Personal Financial Professionals Meetup

Bring back the good old regular growth sessions with your peers.

Event Occurrence
Repeats Monday

Event Time
Bi-Weekly on Monday @ 10:30am PDT | 1:30pm EDT | 6:30pm BST | 11:00pm IST.

Event Duration
60 Minutes

A compassionate club that helps you find the lost structure in your profession

Do you want to enter a good old routine training session to nurture your growth as a Financial professional?

Personal Financial professionals, independent or organization-associated, are automatically detached from regular interaction with one another. So, routine mastermind sessions, as in corporate Finance, goes missing. Let alone finding mentorship. This leaves you to hunt for interaction with people who not only have professional commonality with you but also share the same plight as you.

So, here’s a club we made to bridge that missing gap for you!

Interact, share, bond, and beyond

You can express yourself, tweak your existing knowledge, learn to leverage new technical tools, operate in social media, enter routine training sessions to implement the best practices, share your unique ideas, receive feedback from senior Financial professionals, we could just go on!

Know that your presence matters. So, help us start the club. Be the first member to join the Personal Financial Professionals meetup!

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Meet the Organizer

Our organizers will help you on how to get most out the LeadConnect meeting with a structured approach.

Claudeth Forbin

Claudeth Forbin

Financial Professional & Team Builder

Claudeth specializes in educating the average person on how money works and helping them find those solutions that help the average person from being devastated by life events. A former licensed attorney in the State of New York, real estate professional and retail manager, Claudeth has a deep commitment to serving people. Whether resolving their legal issues, helping someone find that next home or introducing people to quality food and how it’s prepared, Claudeth’s passion is to be of service.

For this club, her goal is to provide a forum where fellow personal financial professionals have a place to grow, breathe and learn together. She believes that we are not in competition with each other, rather we here to collaborate so we can offer the best to our customers and partners.

Shikha Colwill

Shikha Colwill

Digital Marketing Strategist | Web Designer | Trainer | Speaker | Connector

I’m Shikha – a driven and strategy-focused solution hunter.

As a self-confessed perfectionist, I am always on the hunt for what’s new and trending in the innovation space in design and technology. With a Bachelor in IT, twelve years of programming in various languages, and just over eight years designing and developing websites, I provide my clients with the knowledge and understanding helping them achieve their goals.

With a very talented team of graphic designers, developers, social media gurus, and Google marketers, I’m on a mission to make the digital space easy and useful for my clients.

My superpower lies in my strategy. Before development has begun I spend time asking my client a series of questions that produces a clearer picture of their digital marketing solution. Our solutions are based on reviewing online stats and observing the current and future market trends. 

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