PeerConnect Open : Global Founders Mastermind 

Facilitated mastermind style peer advisory group

Event Occurrence
Every Thursday / Friday (Weekly)

Event Time
Every Friday at 9.30 am AEST / 4.00am IST which is, Every Thursday at 5.30pm EST / 10.30pm GMT / 2.30pm PST

Event Duration
60 Minutes


PeerConnect Open allows you to connect with industry leaders and business owners around the world, who have already solved the challenges you are facing now.


PeerConnect is a business Mastermind group brought to you by the Entrepreneur’s Network, designed to connect accomplished and aspiring entrepreneurs from around the world for powerful collaboration. Through a 60-minute facilitated session while members help members solve business challenges and support each other in achieving objectives.

Event Details

This event is a recurring event on Every Friday at 9.30 am AEST / 4.00am IST
which is,
Every Thursday at 5.30pm EST / 10.30pm GMT / 2.30pm PST.

Meet the Facilitators

Our facilitators ensure that everyone gets the most out of their PeerConnect open group by providing a structure and the opportunity for everyone to speak.

Shikiha Colwill

Shikiha Colwill

Web Designer & Digital Marketing Strategist

I am always on the hunt for what’s new and trending in the innovation space in design and technology. I provide my clients with the knowledge and experience to help them achieve their goals.

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At Eprenz, we believe it pays to be generous.

So, after your first event, you can choose to pay whatever you’d like to attend PeerConnect meetups based on your life situation and level of generosity.

We’re placing our trust into the palms of your hands. Carry it with you – and give back when you can.

Helping others succeed is our mission. We hope you’ll make it yours too after you get incredible value from these events.

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