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The objective of this program is to contribute to the purpose of the company. To help entrepreneurs who want to start a business, grow the business, and want a successful exit.

The main goal is to connect an individual who has a lot of knowledge and experience in the field with someone who hasn’t gained the same knowledge or experience. We believe, whether in our career or life, having a mentor is crucial to our continued growth and development.

The purpose of mentoring is to connect an individual who has a lot of knowledge and experience in the field with someone who hasn’t gained the same knowledge or experience. We believe, whether in your career or life, having a mentor is crucial to all of our continued growth and development.

Business Operations – Get Yourselves Funded

Next MentorConnect Open: 2022 – September 22

Operations help to build and evaluate while ensuring every financial decision is made with the larger fiscal reality in mind, maximizing the results of every dollar spent, leveraging technology and tools when possible, and stretching dollars further as small businesses grow into larger companies.

Topics and Schedules

This Month Coverage –

For this month, We are going to cover the following topics.

Business Operations

September 2022:

✔️ Finance & Legal Aspects
✔️ Streamlining Process
✔️ Merchant Services & Credit Card Processing
✔️ Get Yourselves Funded
✔️ Organize Resources

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Topics Covered –

Here are some of the topics covered in the past sessions.

Starting a new business

October, 2021:

✔️ Ideation and Finding Purpose
✔️ Market Research and Talking to Humans
✔️ Rapid Prototyping
✔️ Lean Start-up Approach to Business

Business Model Canvas

November, 2021:

✔️ Ideal customer persona and Key Partnerships
✔️ Value Proposition
✔️ Market Strategy and Channels

Business Model Canvas 2

December 2021:

✔️ Building your team
✔️ Defining your finance model – Cost & Revenue
✔️ Product Pricing
✔️ Customer Relationships

Raising Funds

January, 2022:

✔️ Forms of Business Financing
✔️ How to find Investors
✔️ Art of Pitch
✔️ Art of Working with Investors, nurturing relationships and exit strategy

Business Strategy

February, 2022:

✔️ Understanding your niche
✔️ User Interface and Experience
✔️ Product Pricing Strategy
✔️ SWOT Analysis

Building A Team

March, 2022:

✔️ Workplace Culture
✔️ Setting goals and objectives
✔️ Take risks and Experiment – Learn from Failures
✔️ Nurture leaders, not workers
✔️ Employee Recognition and Retention


Role Of Technology In Business

April, 2022:

✔️ Effective Communication
✔️ Systems, Processes and Automation
✔️ Building a website
✔️ Tools for your business

Business Scaling & Growth Series 1

May, 2022:

✔️ Overview: 5Ps – Product, Price, Promotion, Place, and People
✔️ Market Segmentation and Targeting
✔️ Social Media: LinkedIn
✔️ Digital Marketing, SEO/ SEM

Business Scaling and Growth Series II

June, 2022:

✔️ Product Management
✔️ Sales Training and Messaging
✔️ Networking, Partnerships & Collaboration
✔️ Upsell & Downsell

Business Processes

July 2022:

✔️ Enhance Process Consistency
✔️ CRM & Sales Processes
✔️ Reduced Risk & Lower Costs
✔️ Improve Quality & Customer Satisfaction

Data Analytics & Business Intelligence

August 2022:

✔️ Competitive Analysis of Data
✔️ Payroll, HR, 401k, & Tax credits with PAYCHEX
✔️ Improved organizational efficiency
✔️ Identifying Opportunities & Boost ROI

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Meet the Mentors

Our mentors give advice and solutions to your business problems and provide a constant support to the your business on various aspects.

David Wagstaff

David Wagstaff

Chief Dream Maker, Entrepreneur, Founder, CEO, Mentor, Investor

A mentor and business coach to hundreds of business owners and entrepreneurs.

A lifetime entrepreneur, from selling lemonade on the streets corner through to funding and selling multiple businesses.

  • Recruited to and led startup as Chief Technology Officer and soon after name Chief Operating Officer at company that raised over $15 million in venture capital and private equity.
  • Founded consulting business that rapidly generating millions in additional profitability for clients. Fours year later successful sold that business.
  • Sold intellectual capital to $1 billion global consulting company.
  • Senior leader in role as intrapreneur in global consulting company and received award as top 10% in leadership
  • Founded and grew national consulting company that was acquired a few years later by a midsized CPA firm.
  • Ideated and lead tech team that built intellectual property that was later sold to a $1 billion global consulting company.

Passionate social impact entrepreneur, CFO, Consultant & farm manager, business geek, and a lifetime learner. Three successful start-ups, and two Intrapreneurial ventures in past 20 years.

Sampathkumar Vijayaragavan

Sampathkumar Vijayaragavan

Chief Technology Officer & Founding Team at Eprenz

After graduation, I thought to do my master’s in entrepreneurship, but became aware that formal university education can only give me information and knowledge but real-world experiments on entrepreneurship can give me the ability and experience. So, I chose the second way. You can reach out to me if you would like to talk to me about technology, marketing, and entrepreneurship. Happy to talk!

Our Featured Speakers

Our featured speakers are industry experts and professionals who will provide tried and tested solutions to your business problems. Gain business advice in their sessions.

Scott Clymo

Scott Clymo

CEO/Founder at Speedy Holdings Group

After a decade long journey building the foundation with all the products and services now being offered in the financial services industries under the Speedy brand and packaged up as a “business in a box” I am now sprinting to the finish line of a full launch of Speedy Franchises that after an extremely successful pilot shattering every franchise record in existence by boarding 73 existing sales offices under our umbrella in just 3 weeks with over 1,000 waiting we are about to forever change the way many companies go about franchising today.

Luis Garza

Luis Garza

Director of Merchant Services

Previous Director of Sales for Talus Payments, National Sales Manager for 5th Manhattan Merchant Services, Director for Tranzvia Merchant Services, Branch Manager Officer for First Convenience Bank, Regional Sales Manager for Encore Payments, and Regional Sales Manager for Certified Payment Processing. Luis is currently in TX working remotely and will be relocating to the Melbourne area within 60 days to work out of the Melbourne HQ.