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Event Occurrence
Every Thurday (weekly)

Event Time
Every Thursday: 5.30 PM EST | 10.30 PM GMT ,
Every Friday : 4.00 AM IST | 9.30 AM AEDT.

Event Duration
60 Minutes


Do you want to grow your first $100,000 in sales or grow your sales from $1 million to $2 million? This MentorConnect session is for you.  We will help you focus your message, identify your ideal target audience and find effective and smart marketing and sales strategies.


MentorConnect Sales & Marketing will have you to rethink your marketing perspectives and redefine your sales strategies.

Prospecting and building your business in new and effective ways. Building credibility is never a conversation away nor an overnight phenomena. People trust when they get one thing from brands: value of quality. You will learn the process of feeding people with value to earn customers’ trust and therefore pose as a credible brand they can only think of when needed.

If you have a business whose growth is stagnant or marginal, chances are that your audience isn’t finding the value they want and, maybe, secretly wants you to convince them with your “why”. And if you are an aspiring entrepreneur, this is your chance to stage your new business product/idea in a smart way.

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The insights you will gauge and thank our mentors for

You will learn the simple science of sales and marketing strategies that is often overlooked.


Pitch to Win Business : Learn the art of pitching to win businesses and investors, among other strengths. Or, refine your existing pitch aligned with your vision to take the first step to your venture upgrade.


Effective Sales and Marketing to Win Loads of New Businesses : Learn insights that will make you rethink your marketing and sales designs so far. You will learn to craft a smart tactic that will compel your audience to trust you.


Aligning your Business Model to Succeed : Learn to get the foundations right. Create a mature and thought-out business model that will serve your objectives and also keep your venture’s backbone strong.

Meet the Mentors

Our mentors give advice and solutions to your business problems and provide a constant support to the your business on various aspects.

David Wagstaff

David Wagstaff

Founder and CEO of Eprenz

Passionate social impact Entrepreneur, CFO, Consultant & Farm Manager, a business geek and lifetime learner. Three successful start-ups, one failed startup and two Intrapreneurship ventures in past 20 years.

Oscar Chavez

Oscar Chavez

Best Selling Author and Speaker

With over 12 years of experience as a Sales and Marketing Titan, Oscar has earned his position as an Executive Coach to the ASX Top 100 CxO’s and high net worth individuals.

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