kanthari – Change from Within

This webinar will guide you about the alternatives that we have to create a more sustainable social change in society. You will learn who the effective and efficient change-makers are and why they are so.

Event Details

In this webinar, the event talks about the changes society needs to make the world a better place for all, followed by an interactive Q&A session.

Event Date :
07 October 2020

Event Time :
10am EDT / 7.30pm IST

Event Duration :
90 Minutes


The event exists of a talk followed by an interactive Q&A session.

Talk, app 60 Minutes, will include:

  • History of Braille Without Borders and kanthari.
  • Introduction to kanthari where we have set up a global “springboard” for social visionaries who come from all over the world in order to learn how to create a sustainable social impact through mindset changing projects.
    More than 60% of kanthari graduates have been successful in running impactful social projects/initiatives.
  • A new paradigm of leadership. A “kanthari” is an ethical social change agent, someone who has overcome adversity and therefore has the guts to challenge the status quo and who has an intrinsic drive to initiate projects.
  • Examples of effective change makers.
    Q&A 30 minutes.


In this webinar, we’ve teamed up with an industry expert to share their strategies and the proven system for success.

Paul Kronenberg

Paul Kronenberg

Co-Founder of kanthari

Since 2009, co-founded kanthari, built the campus, and ran the course. In the past 11 years we trained 226 change makers from 48 countries, this has resulted in 130+ Organisations positively impacting the lives of thousand who are positioned on the margins of society.

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David Wagstaff

David Wagstaff

Founders and CEO of Eprenz

Three successful start-ups and two intrapreneurship ventures in past 20 years. Excited by vision of making a meaningful positive impact for Entrepreneurs.

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