PeerConnect Open : Mastermind Group

Facilitated mastermind style peer advisory group

Event Occurrence
Third Tuesday of every month (Monthly)

Event Time
10.00am EST | 3pm GMT | 8.30pm IST

Event Duration
90 Minutes


PeerConnect Open allows you to connect with industry leaders and business owners around the world, who have already solved the challenges you are facing now.


PeerConnect is a business Mastermind group brought to you by the Entrepreneur’s Network, designed to connect accomplished and aspiring entrepreneurs from around the world for powerful collaboration. Through a 90-minute facilitated session while members help members solve business challenges and support each other in achieving objectives.

Meeting Agenda

The meeting will be facilitated by eprenz facilitators and will follow the agenda below.


Introduction – 10 mins


Context Setting – 10 mins


HOT SEATS Winners Announcement – 10 mins


Mastermind Session with winners – 45 mins


Closing – 15 minutes

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Delivering that Eureka Moment, that enables you to see a new insight that transforms your business.

Have you ever worked really hard on your business only find in an instant of clarity everything transforms, and you see a new path forward?

Start, growing, enjoying and successfully selling your business is not just about effort, it’s about having those insights that move you forward in profound new ways.

Our Eprenz PeerConnect program is designed as a group of peers all working together for Shared success. In our program you don’t have to feel alone.  Join with your Eprenz Peers and see problems in a meeting perspective.

Eprenz is working with global Mastermind facilitator Rupa who was trained By Tony Robbins, Dean Graziosi, and Russell Brunson in personal transformation and Mastermind group facilitation.

Over the past two decades, Rupa has worked with some of the largest brands and entrepreneurial thought-leaders in a career that’s spanned over twelve countries. Rupa is a mission-driven visionary offering some of the best training and coaching workshops available. As a certified mastermind professional, she knows what it takes to guide a group conversation that drives impact and eureka moments for entrepreneurs.

Meet the Facilitators

Our facilitators ensure that everyone gets the most out of their PeerConnect open group by providing a structure and the opportunity for everyone to speak.

David Wagstaff

David Wagstaff

Founder and CEO of Eprenz

Passionate social impact Entrepreneur, CFO, Consultant & Farm Manager, a business geek and lifetime learner. Three successful start-ups, one failed startup and two Intrapreneurship ventures in past 20 years.

Rupa Patil

Rupa Patil

Certified Mastermind Professional, Trainer, Coach, Event Planner, Author and Podcast Host

She started her Mastermind journey with none other than Tony Robbins, Dean Graziosi and Russell Brunson. She facilitates her own Business Leaders Mastermind & also Coaches Business Owners to host their own Masterminds.
Rupa is on a Mission to help 10,000 people become Transformational Heart Leaders, who are driven not only by income, but also by impact.

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