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February 2022

  • Why do we need gender to access education?


Feb 16, 2022: Why do we need gender to access education?

What if children didn’t recognize themselves as male, female or transgender?

Today we have divided humans and now we want gender equality.
But we cannot achieve gender equality if we divide humans within gender. We need to remove gender identity and association with our practices, color, and language and go with a gender-free environment.

Gender inequality in school :

  • There are separate schools for boys and girls.
  • Separate sitting arrangements.
  • Language divides humans into boys and girls.
  • Gendered power dynamics between boys and girls.
  • Culture of dividing gender into male and female.
  • Different books and activities for boys and girls.
  • Different uniform colors for boys and girls.

Now the question is where will the 3rd Gender set, what uniform will they wear, will they be called he or she, and that is the reason, no school accepts them, tagging them unfit for school and education.

This is what needs to be changed through a gender-free learning system :

  • Where education is for all.
  • With common sitting arrangements.
  • Wear practical clothes like trousers and t-shirts.
  • Non-hierarchical system.
  • Gender-free culture building in the classroom.
  • Non-competitive learning without considering gender.
  • Which has a gender-free curriculum.

It is high time that every child should be treated equally and given every opportunity required to grow to their full potential.
Even in entrepreneurship, there are gender inequalities :

– Female entrepreneurs get less access to credit, finance, and capital.
– Networking opportunities for female entrepreneurs are lesser than for male entrepreneurs.
– There is horizontal gender segregation.
– Prejudices and stereotypes about women in business.

Let’s build a community where roles are not defined by gender, but by the capabilities and talent of humans. To learn more about how you can build a better place through Entrepreneurship attend our Social Impact Club event and become a better entrepreneur.