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June 2022

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July 2022

  • Gender Dysphoria and Being a woman with disability in Nigeria

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May 2022

  • Using innovation to make healthcare access easy

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February 2022

  • Why do we need gender to access education?


May 18, 2022: Using innovation to make healthcare access easy

Eprenz hosted a social impact virtual event on May 18th, co-hosted by Matt Mclaughlin, a leadership expert, and hosted by David Mubita, a MasterCard scholar at the African Leadership University. The theme of this event was Using Innovation to Make Health Care More Accessible. Daniel Kimani, the founder of Ohospital, was the keynote speaker at the event.
Daniel experienced a poor health system as a child in Kenya, which he accepted as normal. After his uncle died from an illness that could have been avoided, he realized that the health-care system could no longer be as it was. He also resolved to transform Kenya’s health-care system by developing Ohospital, a digital health solution.

Since it’s inception, Ohospital has been transforming the Kenyan health system by working with more than 35 doctors, UNDP and other partners.
Daniel and his team are working on adding a customer service section to the solution to scale the doctor’s impact on patient interactions. Daniel’s goal is to create the best online hospital that can be accessed at anytime and from any location.