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June 2022

  • Power of storytelling to boost your personal brand

February 2022

  • Creating systems for global change

August 2022

  • Getting out of our comfort zones and contributing to the society

July 2022

  • Gender Dysphoria and Being a woman with disability in Nigeria

June 2022

  • Resilience in doing social work

May 2022

  • Using innovation to make healthcare access easy

April 2022

  • Power of Connection

March 2022

  • We are all connected, so everyone matter.

February 2022

  • Why do we need gender to access education?


June 15, 2022: Resilience in doing social work

Our speaker, Puneet Singh Singhal, gave a moving talk about the resilience he developed by facing challenges in his life due to his disability and his socio-economic background. He captivated our audience with anecdotes. He passionately stated how there is space for everyone and they shouldn’t be afraid of taking up that space. The abuse and discrimination he faced for his stammering condition and his caste only solidified his goal to create a safe space for children from such minorities, which he accomplished. He doesn’t consider his disability and his background a disadvantage as they taught him useful life skills like negotiation.

Puneet is the founder of Ssstart, an organization working towards normalizing speech disorders. Puneet has also led social initiatives during the pandemic, one focused on the distribution of masks to the underprivileged, and another on combating fake news by practicing digital hygiene.