Leaders Still Need Leads


There are a lot of ways to get leads; events, parties, neighbors. Unfortunately, with these kinds of situations, the results are inconsistent at best. With LeadConnect, the focus is on developing relationships with your strategic referral partner and how to sell when the opportunity presents itself.

LeadConnect Open

LeadConnect Open is perfect for ambitious business owners looking for new, fruitful relationships. Held every week, you’ll meet fellow entrepreneurs who can introduce you to lucrative customers. Of course, those leads know people who know people, and they know people. Well, you can do the math.

Attend as our guest the first time. The next time, pay for someone else; you choose the amount. We trust you to do the right thing.

LeadConnect Premier

Set your sale’s goals and achieve them in this structured program. Premier is an intensive sales program that helps you tap into a market of buyers and find your product market fit with a clear compelling marketing message, all while build fruitful relationships that will pay dividends for years to come!