Find Your Guru

Whether you’re a novice or you’ve been at it for a while, this program can help you reach your goals, no matter how lofty. As a matter of fact, the loftier, the better.

MentorConnect features some of the most successful entrepreneurs in the business world. And, now, you get to benefit from their success.

MentorConnect Open

Share your everyday-entrepreneurial struggles to mentors, get strategic advice, and take action. Make consistent progress in every single mentorship session.

A group mentorship session for both accomplished and aspiring entrepreneurs where successful accomplished mentors from around the world support members in finding answers to business challenges from ideation through profitable exit.

Aspiring minds, take action as you stop-by to find support


Productize your idea

Create products/services to work on your mission as you recognize the problems your idea can settle.


Find your audience, know what they want

Know who faces the problems, what more they want so they need your product to solve it.


Finance your business

Learn how to raise capital to start your business and all the elements involved while seeking to finance it.


Monetize your vision

Set the fine balance between your vision and profit.

Business owners, stop-by to find answers


Find the right team

Learn to find minds with the same passion and vision as you to build both an effective and efficient team.


Launch/market your next product

Drop the right message and take home the ways to make the launch of your next product a success.


Optimize sales performance

Bring the maximum sales your business is capable of. From moderate and stagnant numbers to consistently growing ones.


Scale your business profitably

Increase your business’ impact as you boost your sales.


Sell your business successfully

Take a smart exit strategy and sell your business profitably.

MentorConnect Premier

Our Premier Program provides private one-to-one mentorship with a successful entrepreneur to help you reach your business dreams and aspirations. Mentors help you clarify your vision, define the actions to achieve them, answer questions from their experience and connect you with resources to help you succeed.

How a Premier mentor helps you succeed

You will have a mentor committed to solve your struggles, take your venture to the next level, and help you succeed. Every mentor invests time dedicatedly to see you make the difference you want to bring.


Clarify your goals and ambitions

Your mentor can help you dream big and avoid pitfalls through a deep study of the crux of your business. Clearly define your goals and aspirations to measure your success.

Take action consistent with achieving your dream

Let’s face it. Being a successful entrepreneur takes a lot of skills and can take much work. Your mentor can help you clarify priorities and make successful choices. We all need people to support us on our journey. Your mentor has experience which can make a difference in your success.

Profit from our experience

Whether you are raising capital for the first time, building your business model, finding strategic partner or developing new strategies to grow faster or manage cash flows, your mentor has experience and contacts which can save you valuable time and money and help you achieve your dreams.