Speak before a Global Community of Entrepreneurs. Inspire more businesses.

Become a conference speaker and educate entrepreneurs around the world with content-rich business growth topics. You get an opportunity to build your influence and, therefore, impact your brand as a meaningful one.

Founders, business owners, and the ones with entrepreneurial mindset will remain eternally hungry for more knowledge. (Just as you).

You would understand that their hunt to better their business triggers their inner search to learn and progress daily. Even if it’s a simple 1%.

If you are of the vision to help improve a part of their ventures with your business expertise, you are a perfect fit to become a conference speaker at the Eprenz community of entrepreneurs.

Seize your moment to inspire a crowd of entrepreneurs.

Develop your brand’s credibility and improve your business reach.

When you go a mile further to help people better themselves and their business, you allow your brand to grow its credibility. Apart from being a thought leader with a strong purpose, you leave a meaningful impact on your business’ reach.

Team Eprenz helps ensure a perfect delivery on your D-day.

A direct execution, most of the time, isn’t much satisfactory for speaker. Especially if it’s at a global platform. So, we at Eprenz take it on ourselves and help you craft a perfect delivery at your conference.

Pick a Conference Style. Speak and move your audience

Reach a large audience with your Mini-Conference

At your Eprenz Mini-Conference, you will get a clear hint of your Conference structure.

  • You will be one of three speakers,
  • Each speaker will speak (one at a time) about non-competing but related topics, products, and services.
  • Conduct a 90-minute mini-conference. Reach a larger audience.
  • Each Keynote Speaker has 15 minutes,
  • An interactive Q&A between the attendees and the panel of experts,
  • Two 15-minute breakout room group meetings with the speaker of the guests’ choice.

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