The story of Nancy Chin-Wagner, a Founder, CEO and networking professional

Professionals, students, and others may find networking difficult, but the appropriate tool and coach can make networking easier. This article describes the challenges faced by networking professional Nancy Chin-Wagner as she started her networking firm after growing up in a rural town with limited networking chances. When Nancy first arrived to Boulder, Colorado, she had no friends. She could only meet people through participating in organizations like the Chamber of Commerce, hiking and literature clubs, and many other activities. Her motivation to start her own business was motivated by a deep desire to help others communicate successfully.

Making Networking Easier

– The story of Nancy Chin-Wagner, a Founder, CEO, and networking professional

“The currency of real networking is not greed but generosity.”—Keith Ferrazzi

By 2004, she had joined and served as an ambassador for the Boulder Chamber. Before she even realized she was networking, she was doing it! A student most recently exclaimed, “You are a walking, talking, live LinkedIn person in the community”

Through her online PowerConnections network, Nancy has been offering assistance to businesses, business executives, and individuals. She works with businesses and introverts to create networking tactics that are crucial for their enterprises to flourish and grow.

Additionally, she encourages individuals to network with confidence by utilizing their contacts to achieve both personal and professional success. It involves establishing connections through networking.

Individuals will do business with people they know, like, and trust, and networking is an acquired talent. The networking skills training Nancy offers is especially beneficial for those who are timid, introverted, or uneasy in social situations.

Nancy Chin-Wagner discovered the great potential of her connections in advancing causes, jobs, and relationships as she rose to become a leader in the community and grew her network. Her work involves speaking engagements, one-on-one coaching, speed networking, and networking events. Nancy made a digital pivot during COVID by founding PowerConnections, a group for networking on her weekly Zoom calls. She has spoken at organizations and academic institutions, emphasizing the value of networking and communication.

What is PowerConnection?

In PowerConnections, a weekly online group akin to a mastermind, participants discuss networking techniques and their accomplishments from the previous week. They promote and empower members, foster responsibility, and assist one another with leads and referrals. There is a keynote speaker to elaborate on the subjects being discussed every week. For participants to meet people (leads) and develop their ties with them through follow-ups and one-on-one meetings outside of the group, there is a designated period for speed networking.

The Ambition that grew

Nancy knew no one when she moved to Boulder, Colorado. Attending groups like the Chamber of Commerce, group gatherings, volunteering at charities, hiking and literature clubs, and many more were the only ways she could meet people. However, she made contact with other business people at these locations. The passion to help people interact effectively was what fueled her entrepreneurial desire. “I chose to work in networking because I enjoy interacting with people, building meaningful connections, treating others kindly and making them shine. They would begin telling me about themselves and the people they hoped to connect with or meet. says, Nancy.

When I first launched PowerConnections, my ideal clients were universities, small businesses, entrepreneurs, and introverts. Introverts must stand out and proudly promote their goods and services. Their confidence can be boosted by using their networking talents. Entrepreneurs and small businesses must plan ways to expand and diversify their consumer bases. Instead of waiting until they graduate, university students benefit from studying networking techniques and leadership principles during their sophomore and junior years, or earlier.

Nancy uses networking organizations, going to events and gatherings, client recommendations, family and friend recommendations, and social media to draw clients. Her firm has benefited greatly from testimonials in demonstrating to potential customers the qualities it offers.

To assist those outside of her group – those who require the networking skills, principles, and inspiration to be better communicators and networkers – Nancy will scale up her business over the next 24 months by incorporating a Networking Toolbox, where members can access more information on specific networking skills such as: being authentic, appearance and voice, attitude, follow up, etc.

We will end this article with a recommendation for Nancy.

“My recommendation for small business entrepreneurs is to join a group so they can network and share ideas. Have people get familiar with you, and make sure your company is seen by the people it wants to reach. How can someone buy from you if you offer a service that can benefit another company or individual but no one has heard of you? They won’t be more likely to hire you unless they already know, like, and trust you.”

This article was written after a brief interview with Nancy about her business. Please see the full interview below.

Tell us a bit about your business

PowerConnections is a weekly online group, similar to a mastermind, where our members meet to speak about networking skills and what they have accomplished the week before. We encourage accountability, support and empower our members, and help one another with leads and referrals. I bring in keynote speakers to expand upon the topics we discuss. We have a speed networking time for members to meet others (leads) and build their relationships with follow-ups and one-on-one meetings outside of the group.

What inspired you to start your business?

As a newcomer in Boulder, CO, I did not know anyone. The only way to meet people was to attend organizations such as the Chamber of Commerce, group meetups, volunteer at non-profit organizations, hiking and book clubs, and many others. e I love people – to interact authentically, connect deeply, and treat others with kindness and make them shine. They would start telling me their stories, and who they would like to meet or connect with. I became a Chamber Ambassador to help facilitate others withing new connections.

Who are your ideal customers?

My ideal customers are introverts, small businesses, entrepreneurs, and universities.

Why are they your ideal customer? Introverts need to shine and proudly inform others about their products and services. Networking skills provide the important steps for them to build their confidence. Small businesses and entrepreneurs need to strategize ways to develop and grow their customer base. University students benefit from learning networking skills and leadership values during their Sophomore and Junior years or earlier, not when they graduate.

How do you attract customers?

I attract customers through networking groups, attending events and meetups, client referrals, through family and friends, and social media. Testimonials have helped immensely in showing potential clients the value I provide.

What are your business’s growth ambitions for the next 24 months?

In the next 24 months, I will expand my PowerConnections offerings by scaling up my Networking Toolbox program in order to help people outside of my community – those who need the networking skills, values, and inspiration to be better communicators and networkers!

Do you use scalable systems, processes or tools for growth? If so, kindly elaborate.

Developing and updating the Networking Toolbox where members can go to for access to more information on a specific networking skills: Being Authentic, Are You Listening?, Appearance and Voice, Attitude, Follow up, etc.

What are your immediate and long-term challenges, and how do you intend to overcome them?

In the short term, establishing a new chapter in another state.

Long term: adapting to the ever-changing technological landscapes (social platforms) and helping clients navigate the waters.

What business advice do you have for small business owners?

My advice would be for small business owners to join a group so they can share ideas and network. Have people get to know you and your business to be visible in front of your target audience. If you have a service that can help another business or person, and if no one knows you, how can they buy from you? Only if they know, like, and trust you, will they be more likely to purchase your services.

Are you a speaker? If so, what are your topics of interest to speak on?

Yes, I speak about networking topics: Networking 101 (recently at the Boulder Chamber), Networking Skills, Listening, Being Authentic, Following up, Building Your Client List, and many more topics geared towards the specific needs of the company or university.

In your business coaching or consulting practice do you use any tools or systems for sales or services for predictable results?

I have a CRM system to keep track of clients, perspective clients, follow up reminders, and calls in order to keep track of past, current, and future clients. I also have an email system to send out a monthly newsletter.


Nancy Chin-Wagner

Nancy Chin-Wagner

PowerConnections Founder

Nancy Chin-Wagner brings a strong corporate background as well as a long history of community building and public service. She is a master networker with an extensive contact database, and is adept at capitalizing on her connections to achieve goals, collaborate and attain success.