Startup Business Management Consultant Wins Pricing Strategy

As startup founder or an entrepreneur, you need a person or an agency who understands running a business to guide you and provide you with the needed support which will take your business a long way.

Introduction by David Wagstaff

Entrepreneur’s Network and EntrepreneursNet.Net, along with our partner Advanced Competitive Strategies, Inc., held a global Top Pricer Tournament™ created by Mark Chussil. Mark leads Advanced Competitive Strategies, conducts business war games, and teaches strategic thinking.

The Top Pricer Tournament is a fun, engaging, thought-provoking way to understand and simulate business strategies, and so we chose it as one of the first events hosted by the newly launched community for entrepreneurs: EntrepreneursNet.Net. The event attracted participants from France, Italy, South Africa, Spain, and the USA.

And the winner is . . . Alessandro (Alle) Salsi. His entry performed better than any other entry in the Summer Tournament.

As part of the reward for the winner, he won a feature on the home page of EntrepreneursNet.Net.

Hand drawing Value Price scale business concept with white marker on transparent wipe board on dark blue background. Big value, small price.

Alle has a strong background in finance and startups. He has experience as Co-Founder of a startup, experience as a Financial Controller, and experience as a business consultant. Alle also has a strong educational background including degrees in Marketing and Economics, and a master’s degree in Finance and Management Control.

I like Alle’s advice for entrepreneurs: Find a trusted advisor who will answer questions and give solid feedback. I have found in building the foundation for a scalable startup that investors and potential investors can also be great sounding boards. Many successful angel investors have real-world experience in building successful companies, and they have an interest in helping you succeed.

1) What led you to become an entrepreneur?

As a startup co-founder and now as a freelance professional, I needed to challenge myself with something new, getting out from the comfort zone that a standard company job may provide.


2) Please share a brief description of your business and your aspirations for it ?

I’m a management consultant for SMEs, helping them to improve their performances with a focus on reorganization, financial planning, and control. I also advise startup projects during their early stages. I like working with different companies, sectors, and business models. It’s very satisfying to assist them while achieving their goals and learning something new at the same time.


3) What things have you done with your business that you are proud of or work really well?

It may sound hilarious, but I think that one of my best goals was to commit almost all the mistakes that a wannabe entrepreneur can do because I learned why I did them and how to spot them incoming now. In addition, understanding the huge difference between doing business in a well-known market compared with a new one, where there is no user manual.


4) What were some of your biggest challenges along the way?

The people were the biggest challenges. We live in a high-tech era, but business is run and performed through persons. Everyone has a different way to work, personality, and brain. Your partners, investors, employees, suppliers and whoever you may have to deal with won’t necessarily agree with each other or with you. If you don’t cope with that, the result could be the failure of your project.


5)Have you overcome the challenges? If so how?

Yes, I went through that by observing and listening to every stakeholder, and adapting my communication and workstyle to better suit their needs.


6)What have you learned and what would you like to share with other entrepreneurs?

Find as soon as possible one or more persons you REALLY trust (partner, advisor, etc…) who understand what you’re doing (running a business!). You will talk with him/her anytime you need support, need a different opinion, or just to help you think.


7)Is there someone or group of people you would like to meet? For example, investors in the electrical industry, Mentors in the publishing industry. A knowledgeable SEO person. Specific is helpful.

Anyone interested in sharing experiences. The more diverse our network, the better it is.

Alessandro Salsi | Management Consultant, Finance, Controller & Startup Consulting.


Alessandro Salsi

Alessandro Salsi

Management Consultant, Finance, Controller & Startup Consulting

Alessandro (Alle) has experience as co-founder of the startup Mailcoding, working for large companies, and assisting business owners through his business consulting practice. He has earned degrees in Marketing and Economics, and a master’s degree in Corporate Finance and Management Control.