AI causes disruption and creates opportunities for businesses that innovate and embrace change.

Change Management Consultant, Paul Taylor’s Story Teaches us How to Navigate, Embrace and Profit from AI’s Disruption.

With new tools such as ChatGPT, Natural Language Processors (NPL) and Generative AI, Artificial Intelligence (AI) is the latest force disrupting the world of business. Especially in Financial Services, EdTech, Retail etc, where innovation is integral to success, Artificial Intelligence (AI) stands as both a disruptor and an ally.

Businesses usually take up artificial intelligence (AI) technology to try to reduce operational costs, increase efficiency, grow revenue and improve customer experience. Even businesses that are new to AI can reap major rewards. Meet Paul Taylor, an eminent Change Management Consultant, whose career has spanned over three decades amidst the tumultuous tides of change. In this story, we delve into his experiences, challenges, and invaluable insights. Paul’s journey underscores the pivotal role of change management and how AI is reshaping the industry and becoming a norm. Moreover, the story provides practical wisdom from his journey in navigating the changing landscape and valuable insights as to how businesses across the spectrum can harness AI technologies to grow and profit.

The Journey Begins: Adapting to the Changing Tides of Technology

Paul’s story starts in 1988 when he started his career in the technology department of a prominent UK private bank. Little did he know that this initial step would lay the foundation for his future success. At the time, technology was on the cusp of becoming a mainstream driving force in financial services.

Over the years, he gained invaluable experience, witnessing the transformation of the industry. This first-hand exposure to the technological revolution proved to be a stepping stone towards a successful career in change management consulting.

Embracing Change and Expanding Horizons

After nearly a decade in the private banking sector, Paul made a pivotal decision to join a small investment management firm, a move that exposed them to various aspects of business, including change management, technology product launches, and global operations. As the firm expanded, so did his knowledge and expertise.

This journey of growth and exploration highlighted the importance of adaptability and a broad skill set, setting the stage for a future in consulting.

A Leap into a Portfolio Career: Weathering the Storms of Transformation

The year 2007 marked another significant turning point in Paul’s career. Fuelled by a desire for variety and work-life balance, Paul decided to venture into freelance work. This change allowed them to gain diverse experiences across different industries. However, it was the looming credit crisis in 2008 and 2009 that triggered a more profound transformation.

The fear of work drying up in the financial services industry compelled Paul to future-proof his career. This crisis was an epiphany, pushing him to diversify his skill set and explore new avenues beyond finance. The valuable lesson here was the importance of adaptability in the face of adversity.

“It is important to remember that change is triggered by people implemented by people and ends up impacting people in several different ways”.

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Profiting through AI disruption

According to Paul, when businesses effectively employ AI technologies, they stand to benefit significantly and boost profitability. Some of the benefits include:

  1. Time and cost savings through the automation and optimization of routine processes and tasks.
  2. Enhancing productivity and operational efficiencies.
  3. Accelerating decision-making processes by insights derived from cognitive technologies.
  4. Mitigating errors and human mistakes, assuming that AI systems are appropriately configured and maintained.
  5. Leveraging insights to anticipate customer preferences, thereby providing an enhanced and personalized customer experience.
  6. Tapping into vast data resources to generate high-quality leads and expand the customer base.
  7. Boosting revenue by identifying and capitalizing on sales opportunities to the fullest extent.
  8. Advancing expertise by facilitating in-depth analysis and offering intelligent guidance and support.

However, success is dependent on accepting and preparing for AI-driven changes through effective change management is paramount. Change management lays down the roadmap to navigate challenges and make the most of the opportunities and increase efficiency. It prepares management, employees and all stakeholders alike. In his book ‘The Humans Guide to Managing Change Paul provides a list of ‘pragmatic questions’ which helps organizations what is causing ‘change issues’ and how to address them. The book delves into how ‘change’ is often implemented poorly and has numerous examples and hints of what works and what doesn’t.

Change is Inevitable, So Is Change Management

In his three-decade long and extensive career, Paul Taylor has consulted market leading businesses like Lloyds Banking Group, Royal Bank of Scotland, Hermes Asset Management, BP, JO Hambro Capital Management, Fidelity to name a few. Having witnessed the changes in landscape of establishing and managing business first-hand, Paul affirms that the only thing constant is change.

Here are a few tips from Paul for individuals navigation change personally and professionally:

Plan Ahead: Continuously anticipate challenges and opportunities.

Never Stop Learning: Embrace learning from Fintech pioneers, hands-on experiences, books, and courses.

Seek Help: Don’t hesitate to seek guidance from experts and peers.

Authenticity Matters: Building trust and credibility is grounded in genuine interactions.

Kindness Wins: Foster positive relationships for long-term dividends.


Paul Taylor’s journey serves as a testament to the transformative power of adaptability, lifelong learning, and a diverse skill set in the ever-evolving business landscape where change is not just a constant but a catalyst for growth, embracing change management and harnessing AI’s potential are essential for success. By embracing Paul’s insights, entrepreneurs can navigate complexity, achieve their goals, and leave an indelible mark on the industry.

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Paul Taylor

Paul Taylor

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Consultant with over 30 years experience across the financial services, oil/gas, charities, technology, education and professional bodies industries. Sector specific expertise around implementing change, technology (including AI), operations, outsourcing and regulation.