Do successful leaders run effective and efficient meetings?

Business meetings are integral to daily operations. However, we can make it productive and fun. Try this framework to conduct effective meetings: 1. Pre-Session.

Structured, Focused, Prepared, Engaged and Actions Delivered.

Managing an effective meeting.

Have you had trouble managing and maintaining engagement at your meetings? If so, how often do you experience this? We are confident that you answered “YES” to the first question. But you struggled to count the number of times in the second.

Of course, we have all sat through ineffective meetings, but have you ever been impressed by an extraordinary meeting facilitator or host?  What made the difference?

Leading a community of just over 100,000 entrepreneurs and startups nearly every day feels like a day of meetings. With online meetings being so fundamental to how our work is conducted, what can we do to ensure we get the most value from the time invested in these discussions?

Do your leaders / does your organization have a meeting framework?

From the New York Times article and from insights from our partner Sessions.Us, the following framework is proposed for effective meeting leadership:

Pre-Session: Develop a structure with a clear agenda & define meeting objectives.

In-Session: Start on time, manage the agenda, develop ground rules including how decisions will be made, engage the team with interactive tools like breakout rooms, questions, reactions, and polls and assign accountability for action items to be achieved post-meeting.

Post-Session: Follow up on action items developed during the meeting, share recordings for people who missed the session, or review details. Keep meeting details organized. Conduct post-meeting audits to gauge the effectiveness and to progress meeting quality for future meetings.



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